Relationship Readings

Relationships are one of the most vital pieces of being human. Relationships relate to everything we see and have around us; relation to our family, our partner, the environment, our animals, our jobs, our passions. In reality, everything is literally in relationship to each other; in other words, "no man is an island." The most fundamental relationship though is with our self. When we are in communion and sync with our inner self we then have the ability to fully appreciate and understand, love and invest our selves within another relationship.

Working with individuals and partners from the perspective of the 'over view', offers a new working potential for individuals to comprehend the importance of the other person in their life. It creates a format of better vision, insight and the ability to communicate with your partner with new respect, honesty and trust. Utilizing the intuitive guidance can assist you to better see your responsibility in the success of any relationship you have, enabling you to let go of old patterns that no longer serve you and creating and energizing those that do.

Possibilities of what you can expect and discover:

  • Find links you have with one another (and others) from parallel lifetimes.

  • Understand similar family patterns that have brought you together for growth, knowing the greatest challenges are your greatest teachers. Examples would be: the victim mentality, addictions, rescuer patterns, sexual frequencies, communication issues etc.

  • Understanding your responsibility to the relationship and in the relationship.

  • Insight into physical stresses/pressures and/or happy endorphins on the body from your perspective of the relationship.

  • The impact of choices on current relationship challenges.

  • Repetitive patterns that keep you locked into old cycles.

  • Compatibility:goals/children/money/hobbies and interests.

  • Head/heart connection: are you in sync with one another?

  • Challenges with intimacy that keep you from fully expressing and experiencing your greatest potential within the relationship.

  • Sexual compatibility.

  • Communication techniques to support one another.

  • Keeping the love alive.

  • Staying IN LOVE. (Yes it is possible to keep that honeymoon flavor alive and well.)

NOTE: All readings have the option to be performed via live chat to accommodate clients with hearing impairment

Candia, Just wanted to let you know that it is all working out perfectly - just like you predicted it would!
— Tina Faulk (Portland, OR)