Pets Readings

A reading for a loved animal friend is similar to a human intuitive session. I call the animal's energy to me; I look inside the frequencies, feel its emotions, see its story, and then dive deeper into the physical body to discover any dis-comfort or dis-ease he/she might be experiencing.

Through clear intention I move the blocks or blockages, realign imbalances in cells, organs, bones, and systems, listen for any further information, then gently send the 'energetic body' back to the animal. It is not a complicated method, though it is one that animals greatly love as they are so open to energy and communication.

Possibilities of what you can discover:

  • How your pet is feeling.

  • If their food is suitable for their body.

  • Where they are feeling out of balance or poorly.

  • The life force energy.

  • The will to live.

  • Realignment of structural issues.

  • Energizing frequencies of healing to organs/systems.

  • Interaction with fellow animals.

  • Sensitivities.

  • Environmental issues.

  • Fears and how to shift them.

  • Death and the departure process: communicating with them on the other side.

NOTE: All readings have the option to be performed via live chat to accommodate clients with hearing impairment

I am feeling so good today. I have a tingling feeling all over my body and my throat is so much better. You really have done great work. Thank you. Thank you too for finding my cats and bringing them home. Whenever you go to Europe remember to contact me. It would be great to have workshops from you over here too. Much love and light!
— Hilde Aga Brun (Norway)