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Workshop: Elemental Journey

  • Spirit Lodge Swift Reservoir, WA (map)

August 18th

Elemental Journey
Spirit Lodge
10-7:00 with organic lunch/dinner or 10:00-4:30 without meals
August 18th All day class with Organic lunch, dinner: $170
With organic drinks, treats and lunch: $145, 10-5:00
Just class: $130 10-5:00pm
Spend the day interacting with Nature’s Angelic Realm, the Devas, sylphs, nixies, salamanders and nomes plus a few orbs and animal spirits in the grandeur of Mt St Helen’s majesty. Now this IS Magical! 💥

Sign up before 8/14 for the meal option.


“I’ve found Candia’s retreats amazing!  Feeling the energy rush as I stepped thru a natural vortex in an old growth forest on one hike.  Another time, I took digital pictures in a dark cave.  When I uploaded the pictures, I could see orbs floating all around the group. Take multiple pictures (or video) to see them move around people.  I don’t get those experiences very often unless I’m with Candia.” Jack Marsh