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High Octane Zen Retreat and Solstice Celebration

Come spend an insightful, revealing, intuitive weekend in the mountains awakening your zen, your senses, your energy fields. Two nights, three days of organic fabulous food, nature at your doorstep and a clearer window into your soul. We will celebrate the solstice by honoring nature and the cosmos. Put it on your calendar: it’s Soul-worthy of your time, focus and energy. Details to follow.

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Your Awakened Soul’ Series

January 2019 - April 2019

Every third Saturday 2-4:00 pm

Join me in the lovely new Yin Yang Yoga Studio for Awakening a higher-vibe; the atmosphere is class perfect!

No yoga required.

Readings available prior to class: please schedule ahead.

Yin Yang Yoga
9015 SE ST Helens Street
Clackamas, OR 97015

Per Class: $45

Full Series Discount: $170 (Eight hours of high vibing plus connection with other incredible and like-minded people)

Class plus reading: additional discount of $10 Can sign up for a reading every class with discounted pricing. Stand-Alone readings same as website pricing: candiasanders.com These essential tools have the ability to illuminate your path with valuable information and guidance to create your best lifetime experience.

January 19th: “Soul Rays: Discover Your Vibratory Frequency” When we arrive on the planet we come loaded with a set of soul blueprints and navigational materials to map our journeys: we just need to learn how to utilize them effectively. These include astrology, numerology, the enneagram, the 16 personality test (Myers/Briggs,) archetypes, and our Soul Ray Frequency. Today we will learn about the 12 Rays and their influence in historical reference, how important they are to our goals and aspirations, health and relationships. Come discover if you’re a communicator, visionary, heart-centered-relationship person, warrior, manifestor, and/or any of the other seven Ray frequencies. You will leave with tools to utilize daily that literally have the ability to positively reframe your life.

February 16th: “Relationships: How to Have the Best Relationship Possible” Seriously why are we here? We are here to experience emotions of every shape, size and color. Our emotional relationships reflect our perceptions and what we set up for ourselves to learn. Some are great, others not-so-much. So how do we create good connections all around, not take things personally, and take our relationships to a higher frequency whether it’s with a partner, a child, parent, a co-worker and/or any other myriad of relationship? Come discover how. It’s time to reframe the loving and not-so-loving people in our lives. This is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

March 16th: “How to Make Your Life a Best Seller” We forget we are the creators of our story, our adventures and pitfalls, heartaches and joys. Come discover how the stories we continue to tell, the old-stuck-personal-programming-set-on-rewind affects our current situations. These stories can literally be altered when we view them through a new lens. We will explore the multiple story lines running parallel in our lives that positively or negatively influence our reactions and responses. We will also learn to rewrite the old script into a lifetime compelling tale, a yarn worthy of a campfire fairytale. It’s time to be the successful author of our own best seller!

April 20th: “Reincarnation with Our Loved Ones: Our Best Kind of Karma” We choose our lifetimes, our families, our bodies, everything we experience. We grow, expand and learn. We are healthy, we become ill. We are happy, we have sorrow. We share valuable relationships time and time again with those special souls who are part of our soul family. We create karma, we erase karma. These are natural cycles. We will explore the larger implications of these reincarnational cycles throughout the millennium and how they personally impact our stories. We will explore alternate lifetimes with those we love. We will explore birth, death and in-between lifetimes. This is a two-hour eye-opening opportunity to explore larger lifetime cycles of birth, death and concurring lifetimes with those we love. It’s time to expand our conscious awareness.

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Retreat: High Octane Zen

  • Spirit Lodge Swift Reservoir, WA (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

September Retreat:
High Octane Zen
September 21-23rd
Spirit Lodge
Swift Reservoir, Washington 

This two day two evening retreat is filled with insightful goodies, tools and intuitive dives, not too mention organic meals, great camaraderie, in the shadows of majestic Mt St Helens. It’s a perfect and magical place allowing great connectivity with nature and yourself simultaneously fueling your system. Come join in this mountain’s Spiritual orbit. 

Come play for a day if that’s all you have time for.

A few highlights:

*Crystal Compass Wheel for meditation and activation: Detailed Info in Saturday morning class for maximum results.

*Chakra Glasses: Light Therapy externally and internally all weekend. 

*Pineal Activation

*Sound Therapy meditation Sunday morning.

*Hiking in magical forests to expand intuition.

*Two mini tramps for releasing lymphatic system available all weekend.

*Private Meditation Spaces for relaxing and exploring.

*Intuitive Sharing Circle: Sunday

*Organic Food.

Activating the Pineal Gland. This is our physical connection with the cosmos which literally takes us to another Light level. This class is already filling up so please if you’re interested let me know sooner than later as space is limited.

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10:00 AM10:00

Workshop: Elemental Journey

  • Spirit Lodge Swift Reservoir, WA (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

August 18th

Elemental Journey
Spirit Lodge
10-7:00 with organic lunch/dinner or 10:00-4:30 without meals
August 18th All day class with Organic lunch, dinner: $170
With organic drinks, treats and lunch: $145, 10-5:00
Just class: $130 10-5:00pm
Spend the day interacting with Nature’s Angelic Realm, the Devas, sylphs, nixies, salamanders and nomes plus a few orbs and animal spirits in the grandeur of Mt St Helen’s majesty. Now this IS Magical! 💥

Sign up before 8/14 for the meal option.


“I’ve found Candia’s retreats amazing!  Feeling the energy rush as I stepped thru a natural vortex in an old growth forest on one hike.  Another time, I took digital pictures in a dark cave.  When I uploaded the pictures, I could see orbs floating all around the group. Take multiple pictures (or video) to see them move around people.  I don’t get those experiences very often unless I’m with Candia.” Jack Marsh

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10:00 AM10:00

Workshop: Be Your Best Superhero - Activate Your Super Powers

  • Swift Lodge #44 Swift Reservoir, WA (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Be Your Best Superhero: Activate Your Super Powers
Spirit Lodge #44
Swift Reservoir Washington
10-7:00 with lunch/dinner or 10-4:30 optional

We are living in a super-charged, fast-paced world filled with a zillion obstacles, hurdles to jump and timelines to keep. It’s easy to become overburdened, emotionally taxed and physically drained. In the demands we essentially forget our own gifts and talents, yet alone remember our SuperPowers to negotiate, navigate and jump tall buildings. 

It’s Time to discover our powers to jump those tall buildings!

Our Power-Focus:

  1. Uncover our SuperNatural SuperPowers
  2. Discern how to avoid our internal villains
  3. Discover our best supporting players and sidekicks
  4. Maintain our inner strengths
  5. Balance between everyday ordinary and super Hero
  6. Fine tune our extraordinary skills
  7. Become the hero/ine of myth and legend

Option A: 10-7pm with Organic lunch/dinner included, Swimming in Swift at 4:30 if desired. Price: $170

Option B: 10-4:30pm Organic lunch and swimming 4:30-5:00 if desired. $150

Option C: 10-4:30pm Swimming at 4:30-5:00. Without food plus swimming if desired: $125

Looking forward to a super-charged insightful and playful day. 
Sign up before 8/8. After that food won’t be optional.
Full or Half due before 8/8 to reserve your gourmet healthy meals. 
PayPal, or call for Visa, MC
or Check payable to:
PO Box 1223
Carson, WA 98610

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to Sep 10

High Octane Zen Workshop with Petra Nicoll

  • 2847 Lewis River Road Woodland, WA, 98674 United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

High Octane Zen Central

Totally Fun-Extensive Deep-Dive into You, the Universe and Living In-Joy!

*Limited Space Available*

Say "YES" to a great combo dance of "mindful visualizations and creative explorations" mingled with "rev-your-engines," mind, body, spirit exercises, in the tranquility of the Beautiful Lewis River and Lewis River Retreat where you have the ability to recenter, rebalance and gain your sense of fearlessness and personal power. Connect to nature and the universe. Detox with the Chi-Builder and Cold Therapy. †

Best news, you can tailor make your experience and expansiveness.

Shared Rooms an Option for more Availability

Where: 2847 Lewis River Road, Woodland, WA

Friday Night: 6:30pm - 9:00pm wine/tea, goodies, zen exploration and Chi Builder / Cold Therapy

Saturday: 9:00am Breakfast, 10:00am - 4:00pm Extensive, Chi Builder / Cold Therapy, yoga, dinner following, tea, Open-mic Fireside Questions.

Sunday: 9:00am Breakfast, Chi Builder / Cold Therapy, Lunch, 10:00 - 4:00pm

High Octane Zen Extensive

Option A: All Weekend High Octane Zen Extensive, Friday night goodies, tea, fire, healthy fresh breakfast, lunch both days, dinner Saturday, tea, wine, fireside questions. Sunday, breakfast, lunch,† Zen Extensive. (Includes all food, drinks, plus complimentary books written by Candia Sanders "Soul Rays" and Petra Nicoll "Petra's Ashes" and workbook for the "Seven Insights").
Cost: $399

Option B: Friday night, all day Saturday, incredible healthy food, drink, High Octane Zen Extensive, Fireside Questions. (Includes all food, drinks, plus complimentary books written by Candia Sanders "Soul Rays" and Petra Nicoll "Petra's Ashes" and workbook for the "Seven Insights")
Cost: $250 (Room, meals, workshop, open mic questions)

Option C: All day Saturday Zen Extensive, evening events
Cost: $170 (Includes awesome breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks)

Option D: Saturday and Sunday Zen Extensive (Includes all food, drinks, plus complimentary books written by Candia Sanders "Soul Rays" and Petra Nicoll "Petra's Ashes" and workbook for the "Seven Insights")
Cost: $350 ($175 per day, includes room plus full meals, plus class, damn fine deal)

Option E: Sunday only
Cost: $150 breakfast, lunch, Zen Extensive.

Option F: Classes only. (Can camp at nearby campgrounds and bring own food.)
Cost: Saturday: $135 / Sunday: $115

Explore your inner wilderness within the context of old cedars, nature spirits, stars, sky and cosmic realities. Juxtaposing between forest hikes and visualizations, guided imagery and balancing exercises, multiple reality jumps and fearlessness, come play in the expansiveness of your connection with All that IS.

Come join Petra and myself as she shares Chi Builder / Cold Therapy, Vibration Technology, Cold Therapy, Aromatherapy, Seven Spiritual Insights into inner awareness, mixed with meditations and visualizations and creative exercises, juxtaposed with my high energy vitality fuel box. We will take you to inner consciousness and outer awareness of the larger dynamic of who we are. Come play, explore and go home focused on your next best life chapter.

Things to bring: Jacket, sweatshirt, hiking shoes, comfortable shoes, possible rain jacket, hat, a change of clothes, sundries. If you'd prefer, you can bring a sleeping bag. We will hike unless it's a monsoon as the trees will keep up us relatively dry.

Only Verizon phones work. This is a totally Off-Grid cabin; it's energized by solar and wind.

Please reserve your spot quickly as space is limited.  Couples most welcome, buddies too.

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