Intuitive Readings

Follow the path that inspires you most, the one you feel in your heart. Find the passion, courage and inner strength and follow it through to the final outcome, as this is your soul's journey, your reason for being here at this point in time at our corner of the Universe.


An intuitive reading is based on YOUR questions, your inquiries as to what is important to you. We can explore potentials, passions of the heart, paths of journeys, past/parallel lives, belief patterns, basically any direction you are interested in exploring. In a reading, the intention is to offer you a gift of insight for furthering your potential and understanding of your life's journey.

The Universe is a constant state of perpetual change and explosion of energy, and it's my desire to help you dive into that potentiality, get your feet wet and come out with a greater discovery of who you are and where you are headed. Tools are given in the session, which each individual can use to integrate the material and bring the information into the waking reality to create understanding and change. I look forward to sharing and learning together what the Universe offers as presents of the present.

"We came whirling out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust."

What to expect from an intuitive reading...

Perhaps you would like to explore a specific area of uncertainty in your life regarding a person/people in your life, life direction, connection with past events, emotional stagnation, health issues, whatever.

If you come prepared with questions, it always helps initiate the session in the direction you want to explore. However, there are readings with clients where areas of major importance pop up on the radar screen and take precedence over the questions asked. Usually this is driven by the "higher self," clueing me into something specific that needs to be addressed currently. It's an exciting exchange of information between the normal levels of communication, and accessing frequencies from the collective unconscious, the higher self of the client, and the astral life books of the client.


I always stay focused with clear intention on serving you the client to the best of my abilities. My readings are for enjoyment, validations of feelings and intuitive hunches, and new information. Accessing Universal energies, I tap into higher potentialities and send them to you with love for healing. The rest is up to you; the choice is yours to make the changes desired in your life. True healing comes from within.

I tape the session and send it to you in the mail. It can then be replayed, to further insight into the material. Sometimes the stories makes sense immediately, and other times it may take allowing the dialogue to form parallels and pathways before all the dots are connected in your awareness. Either way, it's fun!


NOTE: All readings have the option to be performed via live chat to accommodate clients with hearing impairment

Candia, you’re accurate as hell.
— James Marsh (Washington)