Body Work

I work at the energetic level seeing into your fields circling your being. In the fields much can be detected and discerned, shifted and enhanced. We store many memories, cords, connections, beliefs in this area of energy enveloping the body. This is also the portal into past-lifetime memories and family cellular beliefs and/or mother and father matrixes. Reinforcing the field can also energize the physical body, strengthen the mind and relax emotional challenges. It is the perfect place to begin the shifts to achieve optimum health.

We all deserve 'divine health'. The key is believing we do. Our belief patterns and social conditioning have eliminated this from our psyches; to change this, we need to begin in the energetic field and move inward to the physical body. Once there, we can then determine where beliefs have affected your health and well being.

Utilizing your subconscious mind, the computer, we can reprogram old beliefs that condition who you are and find where they limit your success. Finding trapped emotions in your cells, organs, tissues and replacing them with powerful and positive beliefs can shift your health to one of vitality.

Seeing your physical body, the structure, the organs, the systems, and working on them specifically, systematically, or generally will shift how your body feels and reacts and dances through life. How is this done? Through intuition and sight, I look at your energetic bodies and discover the areas of imbalance and dis-ease. It is here where we, together you and I have the ability to optimally shift your bones, muscles, tissues, and systems into balance. In reality, it is up to you and your belief and desire to be 'well'. This can be done in person or through distance, as I work with you the same either way. It is working on the quantum level where all things are possible, where an item or animal or person, can be in two places at once. Drawing your energetic body to me and seeing it at that level is where the deepest shifts can be accessed and created.

We all deserve 'divine health.' Take the action to create wellness, exuberance, enthusiasm, and joy in your life. Make vitality a daily mantra to enhance your potential and extend your life force.

Possibilities of what you can discover and expect:

  • Your soul ray color and how it affects this lifetime and outlook.

  • Boundaries or lack of.

  • Grounding or lack of.

  • Vacuuming of fields of energetic debris.

  • Soul retrieval - in other words 'are you out of your body?' Let's bring you back in!

  • 'Carry-over' connections and/or 'Bleed-throughs' from parallel lifetimes in relationship to your physical body.

  • Family patterns of belief and how they limit or energize you and how to shift them to neutrality: cellular memory patterns.

  • What the challenges physically mean.

  • Realignment of structural issues.

  • Psychic massage: energizing the muscles and helping tightness to relax.

  • Body weight ideal or not? Reasons for. Weight loss management.

  • Foods that are energetically nutritious and healthy for your body.

  • Energizing frequencies of healing to organs/systems.

  • Discovering root causes for physical dis-ease.

  • Psychic implant removal.

  • Origin-of-trauma release in bones, cells, muscles, tissues.

  • Sexual blockages, challenges, fears. Sexual abuse. Family patterns of abuse.

  • Opening to intimacy on every level.

  • Addictions.

  • Autism and Bi-polar challenges from an intuitive level. Reasons/choices. Ways to shift and open.

  • Life force.

  • Will to live.

NOTE: All readings have the option to be performed via live chat to accommodate clients with hearing impairment

After dealing with crippling knee pain for 3 years and seeking relief through physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathy, conventional medicine, rheumatology and rolfing, I had almost given up hope that I would ever be pain-free. A friend told me about Candia and I contacted her, unsure of what to expect. My first appointment with Candia, we chatted as she worked on my knee (without physically touching it). I could feel tissue inside of my knee moving as if a hundred tiny fingers were manipulating the muscle facia. Candia explained to me that she was working on the injury at a microscopic level. I had never figured out how this injury came about because it developed gradually over several months when I was 20. Candia explained that this injury was a bleed-through from a previous lifetime. Her story of my injury in the past lifetime sent chills down my spine because she described a reoccuring nightmare that I had experienced since I was a child. That day I returned home pain-free. Candia is a miracle worker!
— Tyler (Vancouver, WA)