Being "In" Love

"Being "In" Love"

Who doesn't love "being in love" ~ that wonderful euphoric feeling of bliss and joy and excitement and wondering anticipation, with our brain filled with love endorphins? It's what we seek, search for, write long sagas and tales describing. It's what makes being human the best experience ever, why we choose revisiting the planet again and again. And again.
However, not all of us are at that place due to whatever ~ divorce, death, circumstance.'s the good part. We have the ability to create a place, a space of being "in love," surrounded with love and light. The bonus that comes from this place is, we emit glowing love energy, thus upping the love dose in current relationships to attracting new love into our lives in the form of a significant lover, to new loving friendships, to a positive career. It's where life is beautiful.
So where is this place, this special space? It's the "light vortex" that surrounds us, the energy frequency around our beings we have the ability to access, to activate through intention,  however it's up to us to stand in it, surround ourselves with this loving light. Literally being "in" light-love.
I believe knowing your soul's frequency, your soul's "light" guild also boosts this light energy, amplifying by mega doses the "in love" quotient. (Soul Rays: Discover the Vibratory Frequency of Your Soul" on Amazon.)
So the invitation is to surround ourselves with this amazing "in love" light frequency, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, to keep good juju in and the bad mojo outside our light barriers. When we are literally ~through clear intention~ in light, "in love" we create that "upfront and personal" feeling, that happy rich intoxicating over-the-top "we have to have it" emotion every single flipping day. Then magic happens and our relationships improve dramatically, we create nonstop honeymoon attractions, and intimacy increases like nobody's business.

It's up to you, me, the world to make it so.
To being and staying "in love!!!"
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Cosmic sunshine to you!