Where Our Thoughts Go, There Goes Our Reality

I recently had a major reminder to do what I teach – funny how that works, right? I spent three stellar weeks in Alberta, hanging out in Banff, enjoying the beauty. I also worked. It was a nice blend. But there were also interesting moments of frustrations, questions, deliberating on my decisions and choices. I was in my mental-mind-warp turning and twisting and second guessing myself. Not healthy.

I took a fast freezing-my-ass off hike along the river walking to Vermillion Lakes letting my thoughts flow and freeze with the river. I realized I’d been focusing on the negatives, on the results I didn’t want. Holy hell! Time to change that, like immediately!!!  I began thinking, imagining, feeling how it was when everything happened like I desired. I focused on All the good that was taking place, the love coming my way. I laser-beamed in on the positive words, actions, and follow through I’d witnessed but dismissed due to focusing on what I “perceived didn’t happen. Well, you can guess what transpired; amazing things began to happen immediately. I could almost visibly see the transference of energy swirling in a loving vortex creating change before my eyes. Simply impressive, simple manifesting.

It’s ironic really. We all focus on what we don’t want rather than what we do want. Where our thoughts flow, there goes our reality. All the of us are guilty as charged, from focusing on the negatives in relationships (instead of the reasons we got together and what the connection offers) to the sucky job (instead of the good things we’ve learned and great co-workers) to how fat we are (instead of focusing on healthy food and habits) to financial woes (instead of focusing on the richness we are given in the natural world, our amazing friendships, family) to tough parenting (instead of focusing on the great traits and gifts our children do have and encouraging them from that vantage) to even destructive ~too many partners to withholding~sexual energy (instead of focusing on the positive power of intimacy with a loved one and allowing mutual organismic moments unite emotions even more solidly.)

So, what do you say? Time to collectively focus on the good, the positive, the powerful?  I’m thinking it’s the best course, the best direction. We can always flip the coin- heads or tails, different sides of the same coin. It’s up to us to choose what we perceive, what side to hang out on. In truth it’s still the same coin.

I’m focusing on goodness.

Cosmic sunshine to you.

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