About Candia

Speaking to fairies and rocks from the time I was four, awakened me to worlds beyond the normal realms. By the time I was eight, I knew I was here with a clear purpose. At 22, I was told by a gifted intuitive I was to be a healer; this came to pass through an arduous healing journey after a skiing accident in 1993. I delved into alternative healing modalities igniting my own healing gifts. This opened doorways into the interconnected relationship between all things, including our emotions and dis-ease, counterbalanced by our disconnected soul experience while in human form.

Since the initial readings/healings my practical knowledge has expanded, intuitive access broadened, the healing work solidified. The medical establishment has validated information countless times and historical references have been found, confirmed and authenticated. I trust completely the information I receive from universal sources and individual over-soul's.
Walking through two marriages, my husband's cancer, raising sons, financial ups and downs, I can relate to the many life challenges we are confronted with daily. From this personal and sometimes very painful, yet poignantly expressive experience, I have great empathy and powerful understanding for the many paths individuals choose to express.
We are in this together. I help you, you help me and it's a win/win evolution. To expand consciously we need to hold hands, literally being brothers and sisters in arms. Hug wrapping arms of love.
Please join me on this path of global conscious awakening and step up to be who you came here to be. This is truly a "we" effort.
It's a wonderful thing.

Cosmic Sunshine,


Wisdom Keeper, Warrior, Teacher, 8 Path, Double Aquarian